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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My instruments

UPDATE: This list is not updated, but I don't think I've used any new instruments in my new videos, except for a new and better Irish flute that I recently lost.

I'll make a list with all the instruments I play in my YouTube videos, in case you want to know.

  • Susato Kildare in D:
Jig on Tin Whistle
Tin Whistle & Notebook
Tin Whistle & Sofa
Welcome Poor Paddy Home (Tin Whistle & Guitar)
The Kerfunken (jig) on Tin Whistle (Irish Music)
Two Reels (Tin Whistle & Sofa)
Morrison's / Toss The Feathers (Tin Whistle & Guitar)
Irish Flute + Tin Whistle & Guitar
Cristina's Set (Old and forgotten video)
  • Brass Generation in Bb:
My new Tin Whistle, a Generation in Bb
Some whistle/flute videos
Mary Grace / Cregg's Pipes
  • Nickel Generation in Bb:
Blackthorn Stick/Swallowtail Jig/Swallowtail Reel
Taylor Bar, 4am / Ceol Na Mara
Sandymount / Virginia
  • Brass Generation in high F:
Brenda Stubbert's Set
  • Clarke Original in D:
New Clarke whistle
  • Tony Dixon Trad (brass) in D (played by Nollaigín):
Haste to the Wedding/Trout in the Bath - Featuring Nollaigín

  • Hohner recorder in C:
Recorder & 4-string-guitar
  • Chieftain non-tuneable Low D:
Celtic Tunes On My Low Whistle
Low Whistle & Sofa
Tin Whistle & Sofa
La Rosa de los Vientos (Low Whistle & Recorder)
The Cullybacky Hop (Low Whistle & Guitar)
Loophead Lighthouse (Irish reel)
The Lochaber Badger/The Glass
Beware Of The Storm / The Otter's Holt
Dan Breen's / Ballyogan
Jam session
The Butterfly - Harp & low whistle (with Ulli)
  • Tony Dixon tuneable Low F:
Tabhair Dom Do Lámh (Give Me Your Hand)
Hip Agus Hop / The Roaring Barmaid
  • Tony Dixon Tuneable Polymer Flute in D:
Irish Flute & Guitar
O Son do Ar (Irish Flute & Recorder)
Irish Flute + Tin Whistle & Guitar
An Dro
The Rainy Day / The Ale Is Dear
Some whistle/flute videos
  • Some made-in-china fiddle:
Jim Ward's / Willie's Trip To Toronto
Trying to play the fiddle again
Haste to the Wedding/Trout in the Bath - Featuring Nollaigín
  • Nintendo DS with the game Daigasso Band Brothers:
Irish jigs on Nintendo DS (Daigasso Band Brothers)

Monday, May 5, 2008

FAQs - Read before mailing me

1. What the hell are those things you play and how do you get them?

I play traditional Irish music, and also some Scottish, Breton, Galician, Asturian and Cape Breton music. The traditional music of all those places is sometimes called "Celtic music".
  • The small thing I play is called a Tin Whistle, and it's a traditional Irish instrument, similar to a recorder but easier to play. It's a cheap and easy instrument.
  • The big thing I play is also a tin whistle but it's known as Low Whistle, because it plays in a lower octave. It's played the same way as the high one. This instrument is more expensive.
  • The transversal flute I play is called an Irish flute. It's a wooden flute played in traditional Irish music and it's played the same way as the whistle, except the way you blow in it. Mine is made of plastic because it's just a cheap practice one. But normal Irish flutes are wooden and expensive. To buy one of those you have to contact the maker.
  • The other instrument I occasionally play is a fiddle, which is exactly the same thing as a violin, only played in a traditional way.
Where can you get them? Hmm... Most music stores have Generation whistles here, which is where I bought mine. I bought the flute and the Susato whistle on , but that's in Madrid so I don't know if it'll work for you. You can always try on the maker's website.

2. I want to learn. How??

3. What key and brand do you recommend?
  • In traditional Irish music, tin/low whistles, flutes and pipes are in D. This means their lower note is D and their basic scale is D major. However, some players occasionally use instruments in other tunings such as Bb, Eb, F, or C. So, I recommend you to get a main instrument in D to play with more people, and then, if you want, some other additional instruments in other tunings to play on your own or with other people who use that tuning.
  • Now I can only recomend brands for a tin whistle. Currently the best tin whistle I've played is the Tony Dixon Trad in D, in brass and in nickel. It's perfectly tuned, with a very clear and clean sound, and not too loud. Very recommendable. (It's the first and second whistle in the list, DXTRAD and DXTRND). Also if you're lucky you can get good Generation whistles, but it's hard, my good ones are in Bb and in high F.
4. Gimme gimme... sheet music and chords!

  • Almost every tune I play is on in ABC Notation, sheet music, and midi. You can comment about the tune, post your version, etc. You can also see the bands that have recorded it, the tunes they played it with, and you can add it to your tunebook. So come on, join TheSession!
  • Sorry, I don't know about chords, and TheSession.Org almost never has chords so... try asking my brother but he probably won't reply:
5. Brand and key of the whistle you play in the video called.......

See all the list here.


Dia duit.

I like receiving messages and I appreciate the time you use to write them.
However, as many of you may have noticed, I'm a lazy bastard and lately I don't have the pacience/time/willpower to reply them all. My apologies.
For that reason I've decided to create some FAQs so that you can at least have some of your doubts clarified.

But this doesn't mean that I'll never reply the messages I've been getting. Maybe some day I will.