Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My instruments

UPDATE: This list is not updated.

I'll make a list with all the instruments I play on my YouTube videos, in case you want to know.

  • Susato Kildare in D:
Jig on Tin Whistle
Tin Whistle & Notebook
Tin Whistle & Sofa
Welcome Poor Paddy Home (Tin Whistle & Guitar)
The Kerfunken (jig) on Tin Whistle (Irish Music)
Two Reels (Tin Whistle & Sofa)
Morrison's / Toss The Feathers (Tin Whistle & Guitar)
Irish Flute + Tin Whistle & Guitar
Cristina's Set (Old and forgotten video)

  • Brass Generation in Bb:
My new Tin Whistle, a Generation in Bb
Some whistle/flute videos
Mary Grace / Cregg's Pipes
  • Nickel Generation in Bb:
Blackthorn Stick/Swallowtail Jig/Swallowtail Reel
Taylor Bar, 4am / Ceol Na Mara
Sandymount / Virginia
  • Brass Generation in high F:
Brenda Stubbert's Set
  • Clarke Original in D:
New Clarke whistle
  • Tony Dixon Trad (brass) in D (played by Nollaigín):
Haste to the Wedding/Trout in the Bath - Featuring Nollaigín

  • Hohner recorder in C:
Recorder & 4-string-guitar
  • Chieftain non-tuneable Low D:
Celtic Tunes On My Low Whistle
Low Whistle & Sofa
Tin Whistle & Sofa
La Rosa de los Vientos (Low Whistle & Recorder)
The Cullybacky Hop (Low Whistle & Guitar)
Loophead Lighthouse (Irish reel)
The Lochaber Badger/The Glass
Beware Of The Storm / The Otter's Holt
Dan Breen's / Ballyogan
Jam session
The Butterfly - Harp & low whistle (with Ulli)
  • Tony Dixon tuneable Low F:
Tabhair Dom Do Lámh (Give Me Your Hand)
Hip Agus Hop / The Roaring Barmaid
  • Tony Dixon Tuneable Polymer Flute in D:
Irish Flute & Guitar
O Son do Ar (Irish Flute & Recorder)
Irish Flute + Tin Whistle & Guitar
An Dro
The Rainy Day / The Ale Is Dear
Some whistle/flute videos
  • Some made-in-china fiddle:
Jim Ward's / Willie's Trip To Toronto
Trying to play the fiddle again
Haste to the Wedding/Trout in the Bath - Featuring Nollaigín
  • Nintendo DS with the game Daigasso Band Brothers:
Irish jigs on Nintendo DS (Daigasso Band Brothers)


Anonymous said...

please give me your e-mail address, i can't find it anywhere on your sites.. btw. hello from bosnia and herzegovina ;)


The Stone Family said...

Sometime this week, I should be getting a Tony Dixon Duo-Head Polymer flute/whistle in Low D! All I've had to practice on is a little Generation tin whistle my sister got me at a music fest. You've inspired me!

Emily Stone said...

Could you send me the sheet music for "An Dro"?