Monday, May 5, 2008

FAQs - Read before mailing me

"Do you teach? I want to take lessons! Skype lessons??"

Yes, I (PJ) have decided to give it a try.  :)  Private (individual) whistle lessons via Skype. Alternatively, group lessons might work too if you'd prefer them.

So if you'd like to start learning the tin whistle or improve your technique, please send us a private message on our Facebook page or email us to our Gmail ("PJTinWhistler") for more information.

"Where can I buy your music?"

Hi. Thanks a lot for your support and interest! :)

If you'd like to buy our album in digital format (audio file download) there are several options where you can do it: BandcampiTunesAmazon or Google Play. If, on the other hand, you'd like a physical CD to be shipped to your home, Bandcamp is the only available option (in this case, you'd also get the album in digital format).

Also, you can listen to the whole album for free on BandcampSpotify and YouTube.

(Each link above will take you to the album) Please let me know if you need any further help.

P.S. If you'd like to buy our album physically... well, that's probably going to be difficult... lol the only place where you can currently purchase our CD physically is the CD store "Xocolat", which is in Palma, the capital city of Mallorca/Majorca (our homeland). So, if you want our physical CD, just get it on Bandcamp. ;)

Thanks again!


1. What the hell are those things you play and how do you get them?

I play traditional Irish music, and also some Scottish, Breton, Galician, Asturian and Cape Breton music. The traditional music of all those places is sometimes called "Celtic music".
  • The small thing I play is called a tin whistle, and it's a traditional Irish instrument, similar to a recorder but easier to play. It's a cheap and easy instrument.
  • The big thing I play is also a tin whistle but it's known as low whistle, because it plays in a lower octave. It's played the same way as the high one. This instrument is more expensive.
  • The transversal flute I play is called an Irish flute. It's a wooden flute played in traditional Irish music and it's played the same way as the whistle, except the way you blow in it. Mine is made of plastic because it's just a cheap practice one. But normal Irish flutes are wooden and expensive. To buy one of those you have to contact the maker.
  • The other instrument I occasionally play is a fiddle, which is exactly the same thing as a violin, only played in a traditional way.
  • Sometimes I also play the concertina, which is like... a small accordion... well, not really. It's used in traditional Irish music.
Where can you get them? Hmm... Most music stores have Generation whistles here, which is where I bought mine. I bought the flute and the Susato whistle on , but that's in Madrid so I don't know if it'll work for you. You can always try on the maker's website. I think you could try on Tony Dixon's website, their "Trad D whistles" are great. Oh, and also on Chuck Tilbury's whistles, he makes great whistles too.

2. I want to learn. How??

Or, alternatively, just learn on your own by doing the following:
3. What key and brand do you recommend?
  • In traditional Irish music, tin/low whistles, flutes and pipes are in D. This means their lower note is D and their basic scale is D major. However, some players occasionally use instruments in other tunings such as Bb, Eb, F, or C. So, I recommend you to get a main instrument in D to play with more people, and then, later, if you want, some other additional instruments in other tunings to play on your own or with other people who use that tuning (for example, F low whistles are very cool).
  • I always say the best tin whistle I've played is the Tony Dixon Trad in D, in brass and in nickel, because it's perfectly tuned, with a very clear and clean sound, and not too loud, very recommendable: Now I can also say Chuck Tilbury makes excellent tin whistles, very professional and also cheap. You can see me playing one of his whistles on some of my videos. You can get them on his website: Also, if you want something super cheap, you can get good Generation whistles if you're luky, but it's hard to find good ones, as I said you need good luck. My good ones are in Bb and in high F. I've found D Generation whistles are usually bad. Also, you can buy many different whistles on (whistle shop based in Amsterdam).
4. Gimme gimme... sheet music and chords!

  • Almost every tune I play is on in ABC Notation, sheet music, and midi. You can comment about the tune, post your version, etc. You can also see the bands that have recorded it, the tunes they played it with, and you can add it to your tunebook. So come on, join TheSession!
  • Sorry, I don't know about chords, and TheSession.Org almost never has chords so... try asking my brother but he probably won't reply:
5. Brand and key of the whistle you play in the video called.......

See the list here (might not be updated, sorry).


acha said...

hola! soy de Madrid y tambien toco el whistle desde hace un par de años y la travesera irlandesa. me gustaria conocerte y tal te sigo mucho en youtube y creo que eres fantastico. si quieres agregarme, ( estaria bien xD

un saludo!

acha again said...

creo que vives en mallorca asi que creo que lo entenderas jaj pero para quien lo lea,
I'm from madrid and I play tin and low whistle and irish flute. contact me at I would like to know people interested in these instruments and this music.

Anonymous said...

hola soy carlos, creo que hasta resulto pesado, por todos los mensajes que te mando, me gustaria poder bajar tus canciones y no se como.gracias.

Anonymous said...

Do you actually speak english, or is this just a transliteration?

Matt said...

When is there going to be an album!!

PJTinWhistler said...

Soon I'll try to make a low-budget album so stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I found your videos on Youtube and it's made me want to go and purchase some whistles and get playing. Keep up the good work, you guys sound fantastic.

Could you tell me what whistle you are using in MacLeod's Farewell played on your "Some whistle/flute videos" Youtube video? I get the feeling it's a Bb brass Generation whistle.

pedro said...

hola¡ me llamo alex y toco la gaita desde hace mucho tiempo, queria saber si me podrias decir de donde puedo sacar partituras de los temas que tu tocas, mi correo es

Anonymous said...

I'm one of your probably many Youtube fans ; your music is really great and you should really make a CD !
Keep up the great work !
Tim, the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I think i'm in love! Your as beautiful as your music...
Get an album made already! xx

Anonymous said...

Hola! Em dic Neus i toco el piano! Estic fent un treball sobre la improvisació musical, i veient els teus vídeos al youtube he pensat que podries donar-me alguna opinió, o compartir alguna reflexió relacionada amb el paper de la improvisació en la música tradicional que tu toques...tinc molta curiositat! Si vols, pots escriure'm a aquesta direcció:

Moltes gràces!:)

juancarlos said...

hello my name is Juan Carlos I live in Brazil, and here it is very difficult to find the Tin Whistle, I imported one in Bb but I do not know how to play it and would like to help!could you send me an email explaining to me or even a photo showing the notes of the flute in Bb? would be very grateful and very happy
My email: